Maine Veterans’ Cemetery System Flower Policy

These regulations are in conjunction with the National Cemetery Administration for the purpose of providing the utmost respect of hallowed ground and perpetual care for the memorial of our service members, veterans, and their families.

Day of the Interment: 
Floral displays utilizing natural flowers (in non-glass containers) may be placed on the day of interment to remain for a period not to exceed three days. At the columbarium, flowers may be placed on the ground in front of the niche. Cemetery personnel exercise prudent judgement of perpetual care and will remove flowers if withered, faded, or otherwise unsightly before the allotted time.

Flowers on existing graves:

Fresh cut flowers may be placed year round, either on the grave or the in ground vase.  For the columbarium niche burials, flowers may be placed on the ground in front of or in the attached flower vase. Attached flower vases are not provided by the Maine Veterans’ Cemetery System. They can be purchased through the respective Cemetery Association.

Artificial flowers are permitted only during winter months for the period of Oct. 10th – Apr. 15th either on the grave or in ground vase.  For the columbarium niche burials, flowers may be placed on the ground in front of or in the attached flower vase.

Memorial Day:

Floral displays and/or potted plants in non-breakable containers are permitted seven days before through seven days following Memorial Day. Potted plants must be and containers may not exceed eight inches in diameter. Plants left on graves will be planted by cemetery personnel in the gardens throughout the cemetery grounds.

Holiday Wreaths

Fresh or artificial wreaths may be placed on the gravesites beginning November 1st and will be removed at the discretion of cemetery personnel. Wreaths may not be secured to the headstones and wreath stands greater than 26” are not permitted.

U.S. Flags

U.S. Flags will be placed on graves and by the columbarium by specified veterans’ organizations for Memorial Day.  U.S. Flags are not permitted on graves at any other time.  The Cemetery’s flag provides year round honor to all veterans buried in the cemetery.

Unauthorized Decorations

Any item(s) not listed above as floral tributes are not permitted on graves.  Examples include but are not limited to: balloons, pin-wheels, beverage containers, permanent plantings, statues, vigil lights, coins, stones, flag holders, flags/pennants other than U.S. Flag (see above), support stands of any kind (except for holiday wreaths), breakable objects of any kind, and commemorative items. Unauthorized items will be promptly removed and stored by cemetery personnel for claim by the family.  At no time, may items be affixed to the headstone, marker or niche covers.

The Cemetery is not responsible for theft or breakage of any items left at gravesites.  All items left not in accordance with this policy will be collected by cemetery personnel and kept in storage at each facility. Visitors may retrieve these items during normal business hours. 

November 1, 2016

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